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Make it Your Own

Dishwasher Safe

Made in the USA

Pride in Design

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Fully Custom JarHeadz

Fully Custom Oil Pen Kit

Fully Custom Dab Rig Kit

What Our Customers Have to Say

I accidentally backhanded my JarHeadz off of my table and sent it flying across the room. It barely even spilled, and didn't break at all. A+!

Bobby (Verified Owner)

What Our Customers Have to Say

Love my new piece. It’s great. Instructions made sense. no complaints.

Kyle K. (Verified Owner)

What Our Customers Have to Say

I gotta say, this thing is genius! You can achieve a surprisingly strong chug and I’ve already sampled with using ice cubes with great results.
The size and ease of cleaning really makes this my preferred method of consumption now. No more stenchy water hanging out in an impossible to clean apparatus. No more gingerly handling or setting a piece down. The simplicity and “low profile” of the JarHeadz is perfect!

Colleen C. (Verified Owner)

What Our Customers Have to Say

Great product! 5-stars from me and my buddies. It’s super easy to assemble and makes a great travel bong! I love that it’s dishwasher safe so it’s super easy to clean! Shipped quickly to me in Canada with no problems from customs. Amazing product!

robbie.cooper55 (Verified Owner)

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